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- T10 rechargeable LED Tube

- Emergency rechargeable LED Bulb


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BMJ-Light has been in the Information Technology Industry since 2002. From Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and Printed Circuit Board (PCB) projects; to finished Electronic products and Original Design Manufacturing (ODM). We are known as a provider of quality, on-time Delivery, and in-time information.

With our assembly line and experienced staff we are able to accommodate growth, from prototype all the way through to large scale manufacture. Our products and services are widely exported to every corner of the world with high customer satisfaction.

Our company mission is to provide all our customers and OEM clients with outstanding product design, Leading-edge technologies, and extensive after-sale service. Hereby setting the highest quality standards to each and all products.

Please take the time to visit our company website and learn more about all our product line and services.

We can help Customers take their designs, all the way from concept to reality. Including competitive packaging; product design; high quality PCB design; AC to DC Power boards; USB boards USB 3.0 LED Lights; and more IT related items .